About Us

Service Since 1981

The Templin Family has been in the automotive industry since the 1930s through four generations. Scott’s U-Save was started in 1981 by Scott Templin. Scott had a passion to serve people and provide top tier customer service. His charisma and hard work are remembered 40 years later as the same families still continue to use Scott’s U-Save over the decades for all of their automotive and tire needs. Scott built an enduring business through his passion and character; these same ideals hold true for the company and move us into our fifth decade.

What Scott taught all of us could never be learned in technical or business school. He showed us every day how to put customers first, and always provide an exceptional experience.

For the past 25 years, Scott’s wife Sheri has led the team through expansion. Her dedication to the brand and this team have allowed everyone opportunities to grow. Scott’s U-Save now has locations in the Chicago suburbs and Northwest Indiana.

Beyond Scott and Sheri, our team has a foundation created from years of leadership and dedication from lifelong team members. The team has seven members with over 10 years of service to Scott’s U-Save. Two members have over 20 and 30 years each. The automotive industry has seen a lot of change over the past 15 years, and Scott’s U-Save is ready to run with these opportunities and continue to be a top caliber tire and automotive repair organization.

The future of the organization is now driven by Sheri and Scott’s son Brad. Brad always enjoyed tinkering as a kid and taking things apart. It led him to an engineering degree and later a degree in business. After a period of time outside of the automotive industry, Brad has come back to help lead the organization through the next 40 years.

“Once it gets in your blood it never leaves”

You often hear from many in the automotive sector, once it gets in your blood it never leaves. For Brad, he has three generations ahead of him who plowed their own way in this dynamic industry. These generations have taught Brad far more than anything learned in a classroom. They taught him that the automotive industry is about people; not cars. If you can take care of people, they will always allow you to fix the cars.

Community Involvement

We love being involved with the communities we serve. Here are some of the fundrasing and charitble events we have done in the past year!

Holiday Chairty Contest 2022

We had a great contest between 8 local non-profits for the 2022 Holiday Season . In total we donated $4,250 and help so many local students, animals, and those hungry in our communities. Giving back to the communities that we serve is just a small token of our gratitude for the loyalty and decades of support shown to our organization over four decades. All eight of these organizations show exemplary compassion and selflessness every day they operate. We look forward to holding more events like this in the future.

Wipe Out Hunger 2023

During the entire month of February we collected PB&J in exchange for a free pair of premium beam blade wipers. We had so many new and old customers come in and get the free wiper blades, but also help some great organizations in our local area. The New Lenox store donated to St Jude Food Bank, Schererville donated to The Food Bank of NWI, and Steger donated to Community Outreach (food bank within St Liborius). We collected HALF A TON of FOOD! Thank you to everyone that donated. These organizations need our help and we are so happy to be a part of their story and make an impact with them in our local communities.