Like brakes, oil changes, and air filters, tires are a part of your car or truck that needs replacing periodically. Tires are subject to wear and tear every time you drive and as the tread wears away, they lose their ability to keep you safely on the road.  Buying tires can put a dent in […]

Check engine lights (CELs) are your vehicle’s way of alerting you to an issue. A check engine light could mean a whole variety of potential problems, ranging from virtually harmless to critical.  Generally speaking, a SOLID check engine light does not mean you need to stop driving right away. It’s your car’s way of saying […]

Those three numbers displayed on the front of a fuel pump can be confusing. Different areas or gas stations can even have different numbers, but they usually fall between 87-94. Usually, these numbers are accompanied by labels along the lines of “Regular”, “Mid-Grade, and “Premium”.  While it’s important to understand that fuel grade is important […]

Everybody knows diesel engines are different from gasoline engines in the fuel they run, but it can be easy to overlook the differences beyond that. Despite doing practically the same thing, diesel and gasoline engines operate in wildly different ways. What Are Spark Plugs? Spark plugs are components used within internal combustion engines to ignite […]

There’s nothing quite as worrying as seeing your temperature gauge above where it should be. Overheating is one of the most destructive issues you can run into, and can possibly cause catastrophic damage down the line if not taken care of. Unfortunately, there are various reasons your vehicle may be overheating, and sometimes it can […]