Transmission fluid plays a crucial role in the operation of your transmission. While we often think of the gearbox itself when talking about transmission maintenance, keeping your transmission fluid fresh will help prolong its life and keep your vehicle shifting smoothly. The hydraulic and lubricating properties of transmission fluid are important. When your transmission fluid […]

While new wheels aren’t a choice made as often as say new tires or preventative maintenance, various factors go into making the right wheel choice for you and your vehicle when it’s finally time to replace/upgrade your vehicle’s old shoes.  Wheels or Rims: Which is Correct? Before we start diving into the various materials and […]

When checking your tires for proper tread health and inflation, you might notice a bizarre bulge protruding from the sidewall. While odd-looking, these bubbles are a fairly common condition.   So, what now? Your first concern is probably about safety, followed up by whether or not you need to replace your tires, especially if they are […]

Like brakes, oil changes, and air filters, tires are a part of your car or truck that needs replacing periodically. Tires are subject to wear and tear every time you drive and as the tread wears away, they lose their ability to keep you safely on the road.  Buying tires can put a dent in […]

Check engine lights (CELs) are your vehicle’s way of alerting you to an issue. A check engine light could mean a whole variety of potential problems, ranging from virtually harmless to critical.  Generally speaking, a SOLID check engine light does not mean you need to stop driving right away. It’s your car’s way of saying […]