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Are you a motivated, skilled technician? Are you willing to expand your skills and continuously learn more? A job a Scott’s U-Save can help you achieve your goals as a technician and build a meaningful career! If you are interested in joining one of our teams, look at the listings below or fill out an application. Want more information about the Scott’s U-Save Family? Watch the video on this page and hear from our owners and employees!

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This job posting is far more than a job. This is an opportunity for anyone looking to develop a lifelong career in the automotive field. Career training is what sets us apart from other companies. You will be joining a team full of team members looking to help you grow. In return, we have high expectations for your training and performance. If this sounds like an opportunity for you please apply.

We provide a signing bonus to qualified candidates, help pay for tools, and allow you to grow in this field to develop a career that pays well.


A general service technician is required to install new tires, repair tires, oil changes, and perform vehicle maintenance. The technician should be able to easily lift 100 lbs off the ground and work for 9 hours daily of physical labor.

Beyond the above listed services, we look to develop our less experienced technicians into full ASE certified mechanics. We pay for the ASE certifications and training. This position is a foundation to a long career in the automotive industry. We put a lot of time and money into training our general service technicians so they can make the transition into a full mechanic.

We look to retain our team members by providing them a career and not just a job. This is an opportunity to develop skills that will provide a lucrative career for our team members.

Being a very busy shop, a general service technician will work on multiple vehicle, makes and models. As well, the expectation is for the team member to handle a heavy work load so customers are serviced in a timely manner.


For 40 years Scott’s U-Save has been providing quality auto repair and tire services to our customers. We are known for our outstanding customer service.

Scott’s U-Save is a family-owned company that truly values our team members. Every team member allows for the overall success of the company.

We know everyone deserves a clean work environment, a fair manager, and to be treated with respect. You will be joining a team that is highly motivated and enjoys working together.

We are an expanding company which brings future opportunities. We provide a career; not just a job. Our focus on training allows for our team members to continually improve their skills so they can develop their career and compensation.


While no experience is required, automotive repair experience in high school, secondary technical school, or at a job is highly preferred.

A general service technician needs to be self-disciplined and able to stay on task. The applicant should enjoy the automotive field and working on cars.

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Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $14.00 – $17.00 per hour

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A master diagnostic technician is a highly educated problem solver. They use diagnostic equipment, vehicle data, and automotive diagrams to interpret vehicle performance and determine root cause issues. This team member will not only be able to work on vehicles, they must completely understand how the internal systems work and communicate with each other. Any applicant must have years of experience working with diagnostic equipment and solving intermittent vehicle issues.

Responsibilities(include but are not limited to):

– Beyond performing complicated vehicle repairs and maintenance, a master diagnostic tech can accurately diagnose check engine lights and intermittent system issues.

– Understand how to use and reprogram with a J-Tool

– Successfully use a 4-channel pico scope to diagnose vehicle concerns.

– Read and understand electrical diagrams to diagnose electrical system issues.

– A high level of energy and strong motivation to learn and succeed.

– Valid Driver License and a good driving record.

Qualifications and Skills

-15 years of experience as an Automotive Repair Technician required

– 5+ years at a master level

– Valid Driver’s License required.

-Must pass background check.

-Ability to communicate effectively written and verbal.

– Excellent attitude and customer service skills highly preferred.

– ASE certifications.

– Must have own tools.

– Must have a high attention to detail and quality work.


This is an opportunity and not just a job. However, all applicants must have a passion for auto repair and understand the job is very taxing and not for everyone. However, it has great benefits. A fully ASE certified master mechanic can make $75-$115K per year. Our goal as a company is to develop team members so they build a career with us.

We provide bonuses, training, sick and vacation days, 401K benefits, and health insurance.

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