Radiator and Cooling Service

Cooling Service & Repair in Steger, New Lenox, and Schererville

Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for maintaining a healthy temperature while driving. Without it, our cars would quickly overheat and cause catastrophic engine damage.

Close up of radiator

Over time though, your vehicle’s cooling system is exposed to harsh road conditions and extreme temperatures. As these parts wear down, they can begin to develop leaks or lose their effectiveness. This can cause major issues down the line, as the engine will not be properly cooled and may begin to be permanently damaged. 

A car with a faulty cooling system or leaking coolant may experience symptoms such as:

  • Smell of burning coolant
  • Overheating engine
  • Warning lights
  • Vehicle won’t start

Radiator & Cooling Service at Scott’s U-Save

The teams of ASE-Certified technicians at Scott’s U-Save have the skills and knowledge to diagnose, service, and repair the cooling system in your vehicle. Whether you need a radiator replacement, a new water pump, or just a leak fixed, the teams at our locations in New Lenox, IL, Schererville, IN, and Steger, IL have you covered. Call or schedule an appointment with us online today!

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