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Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for taking the power from your engine and directing it to your wheels. The different gears within your transmission have various gear ratios, which allow your car to move at higher speeds, get better fuel efficiency, and access more usable power from your engine in different rev ranges. 

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Transmissions, automatic or manual, are extremely complex and require regular maintenance to perform at their best. 

Some common issues transmissions can experience include:

  • Jerking or sluggish shifts
  • Grinding or other unsettling noises
  • Slipping gears
  • Won’t shift into reverse
  • Vehicle stalling

Transmission Service at Scott’s U-Save

With any transmission-related problem, you should have your vehicle inspected and diagnosed immediately. Letting problems linger can lead to expensive or even catastrophic failures down the line. Repairing a transmission at the beginning stages of a problem might seem pricey up front in some cases, but can save you from a full transmission rebuild or replacement down the line. 

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