Are Michelin Tires Worth the Money?

When it comes to anything relating to your vehicle, we like to focus on value and not price. The reason why, people use their vehicles daily and keep them for many years. When it comes to parts or tires it’s an investment and directly relates to your and your family’s safety.

Now, Michelin Tires was founded in 1888 by brothers; Andre and Edouard Michelin. They first began with bicycle tires and then in the 1890s began manufacturing automotive tires. Since then, Michelin has grown to be the most recognized tire brand around the globe. They are also known as luxury brand tires and we often hear from tire buyers, “Are the Michelin tires worth the money?”.

Simply put, yes, they are. But a better answer may be yes they are but they aren’t always for everyone. Again, we go back to the idea of value and most importantly what type of solution the customer requires. 

What you Get with Michelin

Michelin tires are not cheap, and they aren’t priced middle of the road either. But what are you getting when you purchase a Michelin tire? Every Michelin tire comes with the Michelin Promise. This gives you a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 150 miles of towing if you don’t have a spare, flat tire change, lockout service, battery jump-start, and fluid services. 

Beyond the Michelin Promise, every Michelin tire is a highly engineered piece of equipment designed to keep you safe and maximize the performance of your vehicle. From vehicle to vehicle that performance metric changes, hence why Michelin has a wide range of tires. The price of a Michelin may be higher than other brands you’re comparing, but that price is higher because Michelin invests heavily in its engineering. This focus on research and development is why Michelin is used so often by professional racing teams.

Lastly, there’s the cost of the premium materials Michelin uses in their products. Both raw material costs and manufacturing processes can either add a lot to the cost of a tire or can be neglected to help decrease the cost of a tire. Michelin uses not only top-quality rubber, but many expensive additives like silica to help the tire handle a wide operating temperature range, but they also manufacture their tires with full-depth sipes.

Close up of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire on a black Porsche 911 with OZ center-lock wheels

The full-depth sipes give the tire traction in snow, ice, and wet surfaces. Many manufacturers may have sipes that go about 2/32 –  5/32nds of an inch into the tread, but Michelin was the first to develop manufacturing processes that allow for the sipes to do the full tread block (8/32nds of an inch). 

To see the longevity of Michelin’s quality you can find it in their consecutive awards. For 19 consecutive years, Michelin has been awarded by J.D. Power as the top luxury brand. Michelin’s sister company, BFGoodrich, was also awarded the 2021 leading original equipment tire brand for trucks. 

Again, we feel the number one aspect to consider when purchasing tires and repairs for your vehicle is value. Michelin tires are not cheap, but every time you purchase Michelin tires you will always receive a top-quality tire from a company that will stand behind its product.

Now, if the Michelin tires are just simply out of your budget it is good to also look at BFGoodrich and Uniroyal. Michelin owns both BFGoodrich and Uniroyal. All of the R&D and manufacturing breakthroughs that Michelin develops will eventually move their way into the BFGoodrich and Uniroyal brands. A great tire showcasing this trickle-down effect of Michelin technology is the BFGoodrich Advantage Control. 

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