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Scott’s U-Save is proud to offer auto repair and service, as well as an extensive tire catalog to the community of New Lenox, Illinois. Our shop located conveniently at 1300 East Haven Avenue is staffed with ASE-Certified technicians ready to perform everything from oil and brake services to head gasket replacements.

Want to upgrade your ride? Scott’s U-Save has been helping off-road enthusiasts in Will County as a supplier of some of the top brands in the industry. Lift kits, leveling kits, winches, lighting, and more are available through us! Additionally, our staff can also help you pick out new wheels to give your project a finishing touch.

13:29 06 Dec 22
I have used Scott’s and was let down big time by the poor communication and incomplete work. My vehicle was serviced there for brakes. A portion of the job was not completed. I requested several callbacks from the manager, yet they ignored the problem. At this point, I could not trust the shop to perform any other work on my vehicle. Bottom line, if you want to pay more for poor service and be spoken to like a child then use Scott’s. If you want great service at a better price seek out any other mechanic or do the repairs yourself.
Tyler BoersTyler Boers
23:17 03 Nov 22
So I go in to get 4 new tires get em and all of a sudden my TPMS tire pressure gauges are all not working coincidentally. They say “they go bad after a while” meanwhile my car has less than 50k miles on it and it must be some coincidence that they go bad THE DAY I get my car back. I get a nail in one of the tires, bring it back not even a week later, no warranty or anything on the tires I pay for a whole new one and they make me install it myself in the parking lot. Employees were also snappy and arrogant to me when I asked any questions. Do not recommend unless you have a wish to just throw money away.
cathy pintocathy pinto
18:15 18 Aug 22
I had my brakes and calibers replaced a couple of days ago and I was driving and they caught fire, actual flames. I couldn’t drive my car home from Joliet 😫the car was towed by the insurance company, driver said when towing the right brakes were locked, now I’m stuck paying an additional $1,000.00 on top of the $2,500.00 already invested. The brake hoses were never addressed and appeared bad, plus the caliber rod was not tightened correctly. The cost for repairs is under $1,000.00, but should not be paid by me.
James JohnsJames Johns
00:28 12 Aug 22
When my truck started to have grinding noise, I decided to take it to Scotts U Save, New Lenox. I explained to the workers there that it was a clunking noise with grinding. I explained I was not sure where it was coming from. After about 1 hour Dave called me stating it was a bad rear differential. He then proceeded to tell me that the rear brakes need replacing including both rear calipers that were frozen. Total quote for the job was over $7100. I decided to take it to another mechanic. That mechanic replaced the brakes and caliper and the grinding remained. This mechanic drove the truck me with him and immediately determined the problem to be coming from my rear wheels. After taking the time to inspect the problem he found that it was my wheel bearings on both sides. He also did a visual inspection of my differential and found no problem with the gears. He also informed me that no one as completed a visual inspection of the differential. HOW COULD SCOTTS US SAVE DETERMINE I HAD A BAD DIFFERENTIAL WITHOUT INSPECTING IT! I’m glad I decided to get a second opinion. Scotts would have replaced my differential and my problem would have remained. I used the previous business, Best Buy Tire, for anything from oil changes to wheel replacement. I gave you a try and you destroyed my trust. I will not be back. Jim, New LenoxThey get 1 star because the got the brakes diagnosis right.
Art BonebrakeArt Bonebrake
17:06 11 Aug 22
Fast, courteous, affordable and quality work! They not only sent me a text reminding me of my appointment but also when my truck was almost done. I dropped my truck off to have a few things done to it and they had it back to my in the afternoon.
D BergD Berg
19:54 09 Aug 22
We've used Scott's a few times. They are nice to deal with and thorough with diagnostics. We have no complaints about the repair work they have done on our cars. Our only complaint is their pricing is high compared to any second options. With our last visit we were told our car needed new struts, which would cost
Joe GarciaJoe Garcia
02:43 26 Jul 22
Great customer service! Very attentive and accommodating! Prompt turn-around time. Mikey was very awesome to work with and assisted with setting up an appointment around our schedule. Enjoy supporting local businesses in the town of New Lenox and will continue to utilize this company based on the great experience I had. Thanks to Mikey and his team - keep up the great work!
Lee GroharingLee Groharing
18:17 25 Jul 22
Brought my truck to Scott's U-Save to see if they could remove a broken truck frame bolt. There were additional rusted bolts that needed to be removed and all those bolts broke off also. Mechanic Eric removed the broken bolts and installed 4 new ones in their place. Eric is a great mechanic that I've known and used for many years. If you want expert diagnosis and professional repair on your vehicles don't hesitate to contact Scott's U-Save for all your vehicle needs.
Vince SVince S
18:03 22 Jul 22
Wasted my time. They forgot about my appointment and did nothing to accommodate me. Lost a potential long term customer, not just because they made a mistake, but because the lack of customer service to correct their mistake.
James SteederJames Steeder
16:13 06 Jul 22
This place deserves zero stars. Very shady people up front. The service writer with the glasses, I think his name was Dan or Dave was extremely rude. When I asked why the parts were so expensive when everyone else was much cheaper he replied and I quote "Parts cost what they do because they do, if you can't afford it go someplace else". Music was way, way too loud in the shop. Because every prospective customer wants to hear rap music at full volume with no one telling the person to turn it down or off. Terrible ownership. I highly recommend you go somewhere else. I can't wait to see "for sale" signs on this place by the end of the year.
Joseph FarrellbrewJoseph Farrellbrew
02:11 06 Jul 22
Would really like to leave a half star review.The guy at the desk seemed shady and quoted 3 different prices in the same conversation. Seemed quite pricey compared to others. Guy was very rude when I told him that I would be back. Music was terribly loud and the whole interaction seemed very unprofessional. I suggest you look elsewhere.
James QualiatoJames Qualiato
15:04 21 Jun 22
Wonderful experience!!! Very honest, affordable, same day appointment for oil change. Also offered me a ride home as my plan for a ride fell through. Very friendly , family environment. Would highly recommend Scott’s U Save!
Dianna IngramDianna Ingram
15:30 14 Jun 22
I had an emergency with a flat tire the other day. There was a bracket with 2 screws embedded in my tire ! I drove straight to Scotty’s & they were very busy, but managed to get my car in within an hour. They even offered to drive me home so I didn’t have to wait there. I only live about 3 blocks away, so I just walked. Great customer service & I will definitely go back. I will also recommend this business to family & friends. Thanks guys !!!
Mark BossMark Boss
16:32 27 Apr 22
From the 1st phone call they were very helpful. They were able to get me in right away and provide me a quote. The work was scheduled and completed as promised. The follow up text a few days later was really appreciated. You don't see this much in the service world. Thanks
Kelly NKelly N
15:36 04 Apr 22
I had recently had great service! I will definitely be back and would recommend to anyone. I spoke with three different team members while I was there and all were helpful and professional.
Jeff PuroJeff Puro
18:20 29 Mar 22
They did great work on a complicated vehicle. I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3 V8. This engine has a complicated fuel management system that deactivates & reactivates certain engine cylinders on demand. I also needed emission work to performed. Scott's U-Save was able to work on on this system. The work was done at a fair price, in a time efficient manner. Vehicle runs great. Thanks for your time and expertise.
Kurk SchulteKurk Schulte
15:24 26 Mar 22
Amazing Customer Service and everyone that works there is Awesome! Highly recommend for all car needs and very trustworthy. A lot of experience between everyone that works there. Highly Highly Recommend!
Barb ReynoldsBarb Reynolds
14:23 08 Mar 22
I had an oil change and maintenance done in December of 2021 and was very satisfied. Brought my car back for tires and electrical work last week. I was very satisfied with the work. Employee's very courteous and knowledgeable. Especially Samantha and Mikey.
22:23 21 Feb 22
If you like coming to a shop where the music is so loud you can't hear the service advisor explain something on your car come here. I was going to buy services here but I'm going to go somewhere else.
Mike GambosiMike Gambosi
21:44 14 Feb 22
Used this shop in the past many times when it was formerly Best Buy Tire & Auto & was always satisfied with their work & thought their prices were fair & they were honest. I went to take my car there last week for a quote on some work I needed done & saw the name change. I went in & found out that it was under new ownership which happened in October of 2021.Never noticed it going by it several times since that happened I also was told that 4 of the mechanics stayed on with them so that was a big plus in my eyes. I dropped my car off Saturday morning for front axles replacements & a rear suspension part replacement. They were also supposed to do a front end alignment after replacing the front axles but did not do that since they found out that my lower control arms need to be replaced also. There was no way all of that work could be completed in a 5 hour day which is what they are open on Saturdays. Also they would of had to get those parts. They also did not want to charge me twice for a front end alignment because it will need to be done again when the lower control arms are replaced. They did get the work on my car completed before they closed on Saturday & I was able to pick it up.The only complaint I would have on this repair is when I originally brought it in for a quote I told them that another repair shop that replaced my front strut assembles said that I needed the lower control arms replaced & from what I could see when changing my oil & oil filter I believed that this was most likely true. I had planned on bringing it here( at that time I thought it was still Best Buy Tire & Auto) for a quote to get this done but before I did that I encountered a different from end noise that I had diagnosed as a CV joint or joints going out. So when I did bring it in to have them confirm this I told them about the lower control arms. I was told that for $50 they would do a front & rear suspension & steering inspection & that if I had any repairs done then this $50 would be applied to the repair cost. I thought that was a pretty good deal. When they brought me out into the shop to get under my car on the lift to show me what was going on with the front axles I talked to the mechanic about the lower control arms & he said he did not believe they needed to be replaced but he would further inspect them to be sure he was right. He did that & said I did not need to replace them but when I picked my car up after they replaced the axles they said after taking it out for a test drive after the repairs there was still some front end noise when hitting bumps in the road & that was being caused by the lower control arms. This is the only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5. I would recommend them for repairs.
James Ezell IVJames Ezell IV
18:53 08 Feb 22
Amazing service! Got it finished in about and hour and got it back the same day. They called with other problems and gave me a quota in them. Then checked up a couple days later to see if everything was running smoothly! Great service for my first time! Will definitely be back.
Stephanie RomanoStephanie Romano
16:40 17 Jan 22
Scott’s was so helpful and friendly during the entirety of my car’s recent service. They even checked in with me a few days later to make sure everything was running smoothly. Highly recommend!
Scott BoomsmaScott Boomsma
16:23 22 Dec 21
Fast professional service for a great price. Will definitely be back.
Bobby RenaudBobby Renaud
22:41 14 Dec 21
Excellent service and even better customer service! Great communication and they explained everything to me in a way that I was able to understand. Never trusting my car with anyone but them from now on!
Kristy LofkyKristy Lofky
03:46 09 Dec 21
Wonderful customer service. Easy to get an appointment, they really care about you as a customer. Very knowledgeable and helpful with all the needs to my Volkswagen Atlas
Caelan McLernonCaelan McLernon
19:48 06 Dec 21
They helped with my fiancés car to ensure that everything was fixed. We went in for an oil change but found a couple of things leaking. They fixed all problems that day with a great explanation as to why they need to get fixed. 10 out of 10 would recommend this place hands down 👍🏻
Dylan FrankDylan Frank
00:47 01 Dec 21
Very easy in and out service, but also personalized to their customers. I Would recommend to others.
Ashley ThomasAshley Thomas
22:50 17 Nov 21
They were able to repair my rim and tire in a reasonable time and cost. All other shops wanted me to replace the rim. Friendly employees and owner. Definitely a repeat customer.