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Scott’s U-Save’s location in Steger, IL is proud to provide auto repair and service, as well as an extensive tire catalog to the surrounding communities. Our shop is staffed with ASE-Certified technicians ready to service or repair your vehicle. Located conveniently at 3530 Chicago Rd in Steger, we are nearby! 

Want to upgrade your ride? Scott’s U-Save has been helping off-road enthusiasts in Cook and Will Counties. Lift kits, leveling kits, winches, lighting, wheels, and more are available directly through us. Get in touch today!

moses moe cabreramoses moe cabrera
17:11 14 May 22
Anthony SimingtonAnthony Simington
05:27 10 May 22
Fast and friendly. I got new wheels and tires and my wife got a lift kit, wheels, and tires. Lift was done in a couple days and wheels only took a couple days to arrive. Selection wasn’t the best but I’m still satisfied. They also have financing if your short on cash.
jummy josephinejummy josephine
01:27 29 Apr 22
They work fast and efficiently. I had a flat tire, they ordered the same tire and, fixed it for me. Thanks to Dave he was so nice and helpful.
Robert CappitelliRobert Cappitelli
15:57 19 Mar 22
I went in to get a basic nail hole in the tread of my tire plugged. I figured they would do it for a small fee. So they end up telling me the damage is to severe(total lie) for a plug. Then tries to sell me some tires. I explain I have AWD and can't buy just one tire. I need to replace them all at the same time and I can't afford that right now. He said there is nothing he can do. So I end up going to auto zone and buying a tire plug kit for 10 dollars and fixed it myself. Tires are perfect bought em a year ago. This guy was saying they are in bad shape. Total sales predators. Every time I drive past this place I point at it say SCAM SHOP. Never go here, so many better places not as fancy looking in town. These shady sales techniques are learned from management, so I can assure you the same treatment from anyone here. FYI my tires have been perfect in the last 5 mos. since visiting this place all winter no issue, no sliding on the road.
Brian WheelerBrian Wheeler
22:51 16 Feb 22
I went down the street to Keith’s small engine shop with my two snow blower tires that had lost air over the winter. No holes, so no patch or replacement needed. I thought they’d throw some air in them and I’d be on my way. The service was obliged, however at the price of $30. $30 to re bead two 4.5 inch tubeless tires. I called the nearest auto repair shop, Scott’s, and was told to come on in, “We may not be equipped to fix them, but we’ll give it a shot.” I walked in, Dave , the gentleman I spoke to, took my tires, handed them to a tech, and two minutes later and not a penny lighter ,I was on my way home. That’s service, common courtesy, and the small town feel you expect from this town. Thank you Scott’s and Dave. Go kick rocks Keith
Benito BozzettiBenito Bozzetti
01:50 05 Feb 22
My experience was very good. The staff took care of my Malibu and communicated with me throughout the process, no surprises. They even contacted me a few days later just to make sure all was good. My wife and I will be back, but hopefully not too soon 👍
SS AustooSS Austoo
21:18 08 Jan 22
The guys there told me It would be $900 to fix a tie rod and a lower ball joint, which is ridiculous, both parts don’t even cost a fraction of the price. While they had an “inspection fee” to look at the car, I bring it back home and both left side wheels have a positive camber which they didn’t even put in the report. This place has became more shady n cash hungry ever since there best employees left… just took apart my back wheel off and come to find out my Back right axel is bent, which wasn’t on the report. This place is a joke…
Thomas LewisThomas Lewis
06:38 08 Dec 21
How do you charge me for an allinment.when i needed shocks. They were a good shop. But you are never supposed to make this mistake.
Graundia SmithGraundia Smith
23:31 05 Nov 21
I have what appears to be a slow leak and needed at least air to get me through the next day tomorrow to attend a funeral. With only two minutes to spare before closing a very kind gentleman had a young man check and add air to the tire. I will return at a later time for further service like purchasing tires. Thank you for the great service.
Irvina scott-harveyIrvina scott-harvey
00:48 29 Mar 21
Good service. Quality work. Expensive but I think you get what you pay for.
Adrian HillAdrian Hill
22:36 03 Nov 20
Very professional, they get the job done, their prices are very fair, great customer service and atmosphere, they tell you everything right away. Definitely recommend everyone to go here
Jim EickhoffJim Eickhoff
17:52 13 Oct 20
Have been taking my vehicles there for years. Found and Fixed my coolant leak right the first time. Delivered the car when promised Thanks to all.
A. C. BaughA. C. Baugh
18:14 25 Sep 20
Polite and professional service EVERY time. Highly recommended! Fair prices from a knowledgable staff.