Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Steger, New Lenox, and Schererville

Few things are more stressful than looking at your gauge cluster while driving and seeing the little yellow “check engine” symbol lit up. The uncertainty of what it might is nerve-racking. Maybe the vehicle is running rough, but more often than not it will be driving almost if not completely normal.

Check engine light

There are countless reasons your check engine light (CEL) might be lit up, and even if you know the specific code it might not provide you with much in the way of a diagnosis. Bringing your vehicle to a professional for an in-depth inspection and diagnosis is your best bet for avoiding the issue worsening and becoming more problematic. 

Some common causes of check engine lights include:

  • Faulty spark plugs 
  • Faulty/dirty mass airflow sensor
  • Issues with catalytic converters
  • Internal engine issues
  • Damaged or faulty oxygen sensors

You should always bring in your car as soon as you see the dreaded orange light, but if the light is flashing, it’s imperative you do not continue driving the vehicle. A flashing CEL indicates a misfire, and continuing to operate the vehicle can lead to expensive or even catastrophic engine issues. 

That being said, CELs can often be something simple, such as a loose gas cap. It’s better to be safe than sorry though, and bringing in your vehicle is your best bet to avoid further issues.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics at Scott’s U-Save

Figuring out an unknown problem is one of the more challenging aspects of automotive repair. At Scott’s U-Save, our ASE-Certified Technicians are trained in vehicle diagnostics. They will recommend repairs to fix the issue causing the check engine light. We have three locations in New Lenox, IL, Schererville, IN, and Steger, IL, making it easy for you to get your check engine light diagnosed. Stop in today or schedule online!

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