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4X4 Service in New Lenox, Schererville, and Steger

4×4 vehicles are some of the most versatile out there. The ability to change your vehicle from two to four-wheel drive allows for the driver to take on rugged roads and difficult trials. With this amazing system though comes a few unique services that owners should be aware of.

Jeep off-roading over rocks

Four Wheel Drive Service and Repair at Scott’s U-Save

Both older and modern 4×4 vehicles send their power to a transfer case to power all four wheels. However, older vehicles rely on completely mechanical systems while most modern ones rely on electronic modules to control the power application. Both of these systems have pros and cons, and both have multiple failure points. 

Your 4×4 should be worked on by a skilled technician who has experience working on off-road and 4×4 vehicles. Having issues with your 4×4 system can be a huge pain, whether you use it for work or play. 

4×4 Service and Repair at Scott’s U-Save

We work on a lot of trucks and SUVs. Our teams of ASE-Certified technicians at our locations in New Lenox, IL, Schererville, IN, and Steger, IL know how to service your vehicle’s 4X4 system, whether it’s a transfer case service or module replacement. Schedule an appointment online or call and talk to one of our expert service advisors today!

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