Oil and Filter Change

Oil and Filter Change in New Lenox, Schererville, and Steger

The most basic, but arguably the most important service you can perform on your car is an oil and filter change. Oil is the blood of a vehicle’s engine, keeping metal components lubricated and cool during engine operation. After thousands of miles of driving, oil loses its effectiveness, causing excess stress on internal engine components. Depending on the age, make and model of your vehicle, the oil change interval will vary. Higher mileage engines should have an oil service performed more frequently than recommended by the manufacturer, although vehicles of any age will benefit from shorter oil change intervals. Oil type (synthetic, blend, or conventional), oil “weight” (0-W30, 5-W40), and the filter will also vary by vehicle. Our service advisors will ensure the correct fluid and filter is used when you bring your car to us.

Oil and Filter Changes at Scott’s U-Save

Regular oil changes will keep your car running reliably for many years. Scott’s U-Save offers oil services at all three of our locations in New Lenox, IL, Schererville, IN, and Steger IL. Our technicians are ASE-Certified, so you can trust that services will be done correctly!

If your car needs an oil change, give us a call or schedule an appointment at one of our locations today!

New Lenox, Illinois

1300 E Haven Ave, New Lenox, Illinois 60451 (815) 462-8473

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Schererville, Indiana

7701 US HWY 41, Schererville, Indiana 46375 (219) 865-2011

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Steger, Illinois

3530 Chicago Road, Steger, Illinois 60475 (708) 756-3999

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