Wheel Alignments

Alignments in New Lenox, Schererville, and Steger

Like oil changes and brake service, wheel alignments are a regular service item that keeps your car driving reliably and safely. A wheel alignment should be performed once a year at minimum, or if you get into an accident, modify your suspension, and install new tires. An alignment ensures the wheels on your car are aligned parallel to one another. When your wheels are aligned, your vehicle will track straight, have more even tire wear, handle correctly, and get better gas mileage. Your car goes on a rack where sensors take measurements of the current alignment of your wheels. The technician performing the alignment adjusts three different suspension angles as needed.

Wheel Alignments at Scott’s U-Save

The ASE-certified technicians at Scott’s U-Save are trained to perform wheel alignments. The teams at our three locations in New Lenox, IL, Schererville, IN, and Steger, IL will make sure your wheels are correctly aligned, saving you money on gas and tires, all while making your car safer to drive. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

If your car needs it’s wheels aligned, give us a call or schedule an appointment at one of our locations today!

Our Locations

New Lenox, Illinois

1300 E Haven Ave, New Lenox, Illinois 60451 (815) 462-8473

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Schererville, Indiana

7701 US HWY 41, Schererville, Indiana 46375 (219) 865-2011

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Steger, Illinois

3530 Chicago Road, Steger, Illinois 60475 (708) 756-3999

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